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You can’t afford to not drop in.

2 May

Very Apt

Rock N Soul Wellness

Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong – sometimes it’s letting go.  -unknown

Every time I get out in the water all I can think about are the parallels between the art of surfing and the art of life.

Life, like surfing, at times can feel risky, frightening, impossible.  When I get into my black wetsuit (that makes me resemble a seal) and head out into the surf with my seven-foot ten-inch fiberglass life raft, it often feels like I am putting myself into the arena with the bull.  And he’s mad.

Surfing is about positioning.  And patience.  And practice.  But mostly, it’s about letting go – physically, emotionally and mentally.  It’s about feeling the fear of dropping over the edge, but doing it anyway.

Waves are always different.  Most are powerful and some are incredibly deceiving.  Some stand up tall in front of you and make…

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